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Ķemeri National Park

Meža māja, Tūristu iela1, Ķemeri, Jūrmala, LV - 2012
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Ķemeri National Park was founded in 1997 to preserve natural, cultural and historical values of the area as well as to protect the formation processes of mineral waters and curative mud. The Park is home to several plant species included in the Red Book of Latvia; protected bird species, e.g., White-tailed Eagle, Eagle Owl, Black Stork, Crane, as well as other rare animals. 3 eco routes have been established in the Park – boardwalk in Kemeri Raised Bog (closed for technical reasons!), boardwalk in Black Alder swamp and walking trail near LakeSlokas. These can be explored both – on your own and in the company of a guide.


Information centre is open in the KNP administration centre, „Meža māja” („Forest House”) from May till September, offering information on tourism objects, routes and activities in KNP, as well as maps, brochures, etc. Also guided tours can be booked here.


During the rest of the year all the necessary information and materials are provided by Nature Education and Tourism Department of Kemeri National Park, open on weekdays.

--> --> Transport: train Rīga – Ķemeri or Rīga – Tukums to the station „Ķemeri” or minibus No.11 to Ķemeri. 

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Black alders’ swamp forest footbridge

Black alders’ swamp forest belongs to wetland broad-leaved forests with high level of groundwater that seasonally floods roots of the trees. Walking down the 600 m long trail you can see flood-land black alder forests and river Vēršupīte. The swamp forest is suitable place for Latvian woodpecker species.

Transport: train Rīga – Ķemeri or Rīga – Tukums to the station „Ķemeri” or minibus No.11 to Ķemeri.

Sloka lake sightseeing tower and Sloka lake nature trail

Varied walking trail with 5 different sport elements equipped with informative stands telling about Sloka Lake’s surrounding and its natural and historical values. Sulphur springs places available for visitors.  Length of the route is 3.1 km but you can vary it according to your wishes. The beginning and the end of the trial is at the bank of Sloka Lake, in place for parking and picnicking. Here is also placed a 7m high sightseeing tower where you can see all the lake. This is a perfect place for bird watching.

Transport: train Rīga – Ķemeri or Rīga – Tukums to the station „Ķemeri” or minibus No.11 to Ķemeri.


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